Adult Korean Language Class

한국어, 한국 문화를 배우고자 하는 외국인 (성인)들을 위한 수업입니다.
Class(es) for English speaking adults who are from the local area wishing to learn Korean language and culture.
Depending on class sizes, they are reorganized accordingly on a term by term basis.

관심있는 분들께서는 이메일로 연락 주시면 자세한 안내 해 드립니다.
수업을 한번 들어 보시고 결정하셔도 괜찮습니다.
Please contact us by email if you have any question or interested in the Korean classes. 
You can decide after a trial lesson.


Class for beginner
10:30 – 12:00, Saturday

Class for reading and conversation
10:30 – 12:00, Saturday

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